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Josh Pond

Rocky Lake Raclette Cheese

Rocky Lake Raclette Cheese

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Josh Pond’s Cave-Aged Rocky Lake Raclette

Rocky Lake Raclette is a handmade, washed-rind cheese crafted in the style of a traditional European Raclette. This cheese is made with the fresh raw organic goats's milk in the summer from our herd of oberhasli goats, and with raw organic cow milk from Tide Mill Farm in the winter. It is typically aged between 60 and 90 days. Our Raclette features a delectably smooth texture and a melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that comes from the richness of the milk and the daily labor that goes into its careful aging and washing process.

Milk: Josh Pond Farm’s certified-organic raw goat milk & Tide Mill Farm’s certified-organic raw cow milk
Flavor Profile:
Savory, complex, and sweet
Rind: Natural, washed rind
Wheel Size: 3-4 lbs
Age: 60-90 days

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