Josh Pond blueberries are Maine-indigenous, wild, low-bush berries that are exceptional in their taste and quality. They are nurtured and guided by farmers who have been hand harvesting these wild berries for generations. With their knowledge and expertise, Josh Pond provides authentic and flavorful organic, wild blueberries to individuals and families all around the country.

Late in May, the blueberry bud blossoms, attracting a diverse spread of native pollinators. Over the summer, the berries take in whatever the season presents: sun, rain, wind, etc. When August comes around, we wait to harvest until the our blueberries reach peak ripeness to allow for the best tasting and most nutritious berry.

Every day in harvest season, after the morning dew dries and the sun lowers from its peak, the berries are raked by hand in a gentle way to preserve its natural form. Never touched or washed, and after each berry is gently lifted off its bush, they are packed and frozen within 24 hours of leaving the field, ensuring high-quality flavor and peak nutrition. Soon after the fruit has been harvested, the fields turn crimson red and the plants enter a year of rest, for rejuvenation and growth until the next year’s harvest.

Josh Pond blueberries are certified organic through the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and the USDA.