Goats & Cheeses

Josh Pond is home to a herd of beautiful and spirited Swiss Alpine goats. Our goats live a blessed life: sleeping in a timber-framed barn, eating organic grain and hay, and having acres of healthy pasture and forest to spend their days. Every goat has a name, a unique personality, and the Josh Pond herdsmen know each one of them dearly. Our mission is to care for our goats with an organic and holistic approach, keeping their individual health, safety, and livelihood at the forefront of our husbandry practices.

It began in 2014, when a couple of Oberhasli goats came to live at Josh Pond, and today (2020) we care for 22 milking does, and are raising 23 young does that will join our milking herd in the next few years. We became Maine's 4th certified organic goat herd in 2018, providing Josh Pond's cheesemaker with organic, healthy, and delicious milk to transform into aged cheeses.

The cheeses of Josh Pond are handmade in small batches in the tradition of artisan farmstead cheesemaking. During the summer months, we create an aged raw-milk, tomme and crumbly blue cheese from our organic goat's milk. This seasonal cheese breathes of the diverse pasture our goats graze on, reflecting our Down East home. During the winter, we let our goats rest, and we make a variety of aged cheeses with the certified organic cow milk from the nearby Tide Mill Farm. 

Josh Pond is a member of the American Cheese Society and the Maine Cheese Guild