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Josh Pond

Returning Soon: Meddybemps Cheese

Returning Soon: Meddybemps Cheese

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Josh Pond’s Cave-Aged Meddybemps

Meddybemps is a hard, Alpine style cheese made with certified-organic raw cow's milk. The cheese is cave-aged on wooden boards for 6-12 months; during which time its rind is repeatedly washed and brushed to slowly develop a complexity of flavors which become more pronounced as the cheese ages. The tastes and aromas are typically reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts, butter, and vegetable broth with a whiff of freshly cut hay.

Milk: Raw cow milk, from Tide Mill Farm’s certified-organic herd
Flavor profile: Toasted nuts, butter, sweet cream and caramel
Rind: Natural, washed rind
Wheel Size: 7-8 lbs
Age: 6-12 months

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