Josh Pond Farm sits near the northeast coast of Maine, one of the few places in North America where the wild blueberry flourishes.  Farmers in this region have harvested these delicious sapphires since before the Civil War, during which they were canned and distributed to Union soldiers.  Unlike its cultivated off-shoot, this low-bush variety can't be planted. With the help of bees, its underground runners carry it across a rugged landscape. The hearty berry thrives in this harsh terrain thanks to its high concentration of anthocyanin, which provides twice the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries.  It’s no wonder that the Passamaquoddy people believed the Creator sent this star-leafed super-fruit from heaven.  We hope you enjoy its tart sweetness in this jam made according to a cherished Down East recipe.

By the way, according to the National Institutes for Health, inhaling the smoke from dried blueberry flowers has been used as a treatment for insanity.  So there's another use for Lorne's blueberry bushes!  Plenty of potential patients in NYC!