What is special about wild blueberries?

Wild blueberries are special for their nutritional value and taste. Wild blueberries have twice the antioxidant power of planted blueberries and 50% less sugar. As far as taste, wild blueberries are much smaller than their conventional counterpart because they are not pumped up with water. Thus they maintain a firmer skin texture and a stronger blueberry flavor.  

What is special about Josh Pond's wild blueberries?

Though most operations use mechanical harvesters to maximize volume, we still cling to the traditional method of raking blueberries by hand in the late afternoon when they are least likely to bruise.  

Why does Josh Pond prefer organic farming?

We believe that natural biodiverse farming methodology, inherent in organic techniques, creates the healthiest and best tasting berry. It also keeps chemical pesticides and fertilizers out of Maine's land and sea ecosystems. We are certified organic by MOFGA.

Where is Josh Pond located?

Our farm is located in the beautifully rugged Whiting, Maine in Washington County.